Word for Word

Some years ago the Trustees supported the idea that we invite numerous Old Dubs to record the history of their earlier lives and the role or influence of Wandsworth School in their overall development.

The task was given to Halina Watts who diligently interviewed a host of individuals and transcribed the vocals into the written word. The list of interviewees is as follows:


Mick Munton, Murray Deards, Tony Attfield, Ken Dore, Bob Hammond, Peter Eastwood, Pete Pierce, Tony Watts, Angel Vila, John Totham, Ian McClain, Jon Bourton, Ron Boucher.


Dick Moody, Frank Carter, Stuart England, Peter Dutch, John Pinnock, Mohan Adiseshiah.


Alan Bone, Bob Andrews, Les Herbert, Roger Holland, Andy Archer, Phil Hope

Strangely the first person interviewed was Halina’s dad – Tony Watts – A Dubs Icon, who has served the Dubs for sixty years or more. Tony celebrates his 80th birthday on the Twentieth of December 2017. His birthday party is on the 17th – so stop everything and raise a glass to a great tackler, a committed sportsman who lost his dad very early on in his life; loved his Mum and brought friendship to us the masses in burgundy, gold with a thin white stripe.

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