Wandsworth School Choir Reunion 2008

6th October, 2008

The seventh reunion of the choir was held as usual on the first Saturday in October – the fixed date we now have for our annual event. There was a good turn out this year, with seven ‘old boys’ attending for the first time. In total, there were 43 ex-choir members present, plus another 8 ‘other halves’ pushing the total to 51. It was encouraging to see the seven new faces; very few we recognised after so many years!

They had found out about the reunions via several different routes and one of the most coincidental was when I found myself sitting next to an ex-Wandsworth ‘choirboy’ who was also singing in a memorable performance of the Verdi Requiem in Guildford Cathedral in July. Russell Burgess would certainly have been very pleased to know that the work he prepared the Philharmonic Chorus for under Giuliani back in the 60’s, had reunited two of his ex-pupils over 40 years later.

Last year, we had a power cut just as we sat down to eat and we were reduced to old-fashioned candlepower. Electricity was not the problem this year, but modern technology nearly caused another major hitch. Earlier in the year, I changed my e-mail address and duly notified everyone on my address book. A few days before the reunion, friends and relatives began quizzing me about a forthcoming event – some obviously miffed that they had been left out. It would appear that one or two ‘old boys’ had clicked on ‘reply to all’ and the whole of my address book received their apologies. There is something to be said for snail mail after all.

Thanks as usual were expressed to the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust for the grant that we receive. It helps enormously with the finances required in running the reunions. Everyone said how much they enjoy the reunions and we can now look forward to the next get-together on 3rd October 2009.

Ray Pritchard

Those attending were:

Kevin Attwell, John Bourton, Jonathan Bourton, Chris Cheek, Graham Day, Peter Eastwood, Keith Eldridge, Wilf Finbow, Barry Francis, Ken Gerry, David Gibson, Steve Hattersley, Ron Hollis, Jim Hughes, David Hyde, Jenny Hyde, Martin Jacobs, Brian Johnston, Chris Jolly, Robin Jones, Chris Lacey, John Lally, Martin Lince, Mary Lince, Richard Long, Peter Love, Pat Morgan, David Munden, Mark Painter, Anne Painter, Geoff Park, Graham Preston, Ray Pritchard, Brian Sawyer, Fred Shaub, Andv Smetham, Rob Smith, Nigel Spearing, Mark Stevens, John Tobin, Geoff Wake, Alan Woods, Ian York.

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