Wandsworth School Choir Reunion 2006

Saturday 21st October, held at St.Paul’s Community Centre, Inner Park Road, SW18

The fifth choir reunion was attended by slightly fewer ‘old boys’ than in previous years, but the 39 who did make the get together, along with several wives, girl friends, and partners, had another most enjoyable evening. About 25 others who had been unable to attend, expressed their disappointment at missing an event that they always looked forward to.

One notable feature at every reunion has been the sight of our ex-member of staff, Nigel Spearing, arriving on his bike, all the way from Hammersmith! He is obviously fitter than most of us and this year, to add to the excitement, whilst attending the event, he padlocked his bike and then realised his keys were still at home! The thought of him walking all the way home was too much to bear, so a little bit of DIY vandalism helped break the chain and he was seen happily cycling off in the dark about 10.30pm. What stamina!

As always, it was announced, during some notices, how much we appreciate the grant that is given to the choir reunion account from the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust. Without it, the cost per head would obviously have to go up.

The enthusiasm to hold reunions seems to increase each time we meet and towards the end of the evening, several people were suggesting that we should make it an annual event, especially as we are all getting older! Also, if some people can’t attend for unavoidable reasons, they wouldn’t have to wait too long for the next opportunity to catch up with their friends.

A short survey was carried out, the vast majority choosing to meet every year, and the easiest solution seemed to be to hold the event on the first Saturday in October each year, so that everyone would know the date well in advance. Consequently, the usual hall and caterers have been booked for Sat. 6th October 2007, and have also been reserved for Sat. 4th Oct.2008!

The names of those who attended the 21st October reunion were:

Damian Allain, John Bourton, Phil Cadman, Graham Day, Keith Eldridge, Mark Emney, Wilf Finbow, Steve Hattersley, Ron Hollis, Jim Hughes, Brian Johnston, Robin Jones, Chris Lacey, John Lally, Martin Lince, Mary Lince, Peter Love, David Munden, John Munden, Michael Nicholls, Barry O’Shea, Mark Painter, Geoff Park, Ray Pritchard, Neil Read, Pat Read, Nelson Roberts, Brian Sawyer, Fred Shaub, Geoffrey Shaw, Andy Smetham, Rob Smith, Nigel Spearing, Adrian Thompson, Judy Thompson, John Tobin Geof West, Les West, George Willis.

After another most successful and enjoyable evening, we can now look forward to our next reunion in October.

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