Stephen Curtis, 2019

Cardiff University

Dear Trustees,

I am a second year Architecture student at Cardiff University. I would like to thank the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust for the very generous grant that I received last year.

The grant enabled me to upgrade my laptop, which was needed as an essential part of my course. My new laptop is much more powerful than the one I owned previously, allowing me to complete tasks such as 3D model rendering, and run demanding specialised software related to my course; these are things my old laptop would never have been able to do. The new hardware allows me access to Photoshop, Sketchup, Blender and V – ray, all of which I can use from anywhere through my laptop, helping to increase my workflow. As an architecture student, the importance of 3D modelling is second to none. The design process of modem buildings is heavily reliant on being able to represent a virtual working of a design in a 3D space; This laptop allows me to use the software that would otherwise only be provided to me in the architecture libraries.

I can now continue my work out of library hours, which is greatly appreciated as my course is incredibly demanding.

I am far more confident in my ability to produce detailed work with the tools I now have access to and I am sure that without them, my grades wouldn’t have been as good.

I plan to continue to use this laptop through the remainder of my course to help me with all of the projects I have to face.

Stephen Curtis

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