Sam Riley – 2017

I am writing to you to give you an insight of what I have done the last year with the grant kindly allocated by the Trust. With the £400 given to me last October, I was able to buy a pair of ‘Mackies’, (active stereo monitors) which have given me the ability to mix and master my music to a professional standard in my own bedroom. This has meant since I last wrote to you, I have not only been successful with my University work but have also been able to put a lot of time into producing my own music.

Most evenings I will be working on my laptop and speakers trying out new techniques with the programs I have accumulated and perfecting new ideas I have learned in lectures. Due to this I have progressed far quicker than the rest of my fellow students in certain practical topics. My music progresses by the day and this just wouldn’t have been possible without the grant the Trustees have kindly given to me. Along with the speakers I was also able to buy a Studio Interface which not only conjoins the speakers and the laptop but also allows me to DI (direct input) audio straight into the software I have on my laptop. For example, I have recorded my guitar straight into songs without having to use a microphone.

Furthermore, last Christmas I was lucky enough to geta Condenser Microphone with a pop shield, which, in conjunction with the Studio Interface, has allowed me to work with other artists such as singers and rappers and record them onto my songs in a professional manner.

Since using my equipment regularly, the standard of the sounds I am creating has improved
massively. Due to this I have also been getting a lot of interest in my song writing skills from other artists. For instance I am working with three different artists on albums in a variety of music genres such as Indie Rock, Garage, House, RnB, Hip Hop, Grime, Nudisco, Pop and Grime. None of this stuff is released yet so the future is very exciting! Since last year I have also gained a lot more software from saving up, this has meant I have been able to use some professional tools to manipulate sound and get precision accuracy due to the speaker quality.

I have updated my Sound cloud page where I post my songs, so you can check it out if you are interested. I have also put a lot of time into marketing research and even found a website that allows you to run your own independent label for a yearly subscription.

So much of the above would not have been possible without the Trustees generosity.

Many thanks, Sam

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