Rosie Forrester, 2019

Kingston University

Dear Trustees,

I’d like to thank you massively for the grant and support I received this year for my studies. I’m currently studying Psychology at Kingston University. The grant allowed me to expand my studies through the use of books highly recommended by the university for further reading.

This helped me develop a further understanding of the course and lead to my final overall grade of a First for my first year at university. In addition, my poster project ‘Attributions about schizophrenia: a proposal for a qualitative study with family caregivers’ won first prize and is now on display in the psychology department.

Without the help of the Old Wandsworthian’s Memorial Trust I would’ve had to have stuck to basic resources which would have limited my ability to produce first class lab reports and statistical analysis.

As well as my studies, the grant opened endless opportunities for me at university and I am extremely grateful for this. I joined the women’s rugby team, which I will go on to captain next year. With the money I received I was able to buy a good pair of boots and other equipment to get me started as this was my first time playing the game. Whilst playing for the university I was also given the amazing opportunity to play for Harlequin’s women’s thirds, where I will play next year for my second season as a Quin at number 11. This was an opportunity that I did not expect from my university experience, however I’m looking forward to progressing with the Harlequin’s and excited to see myself improve with the help and support of their coaches.

The grant helped to cover my living costs such as food and accommodation throughout the year, allowing me to focus on my studies without the overwhelming fear of financial instability. Overall, the grant I received played a massive part in my development at university and helped me achieve great things both academically and outside of university. Once again, I’d like to thank you all for the support I received!

Rosie Forrester

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