Presentation Night 2019

Roger Holland, Ben Saber-Sheikh and Alan Bone

Alan Bone and Roger Holland were guests again at the annual St Cecilia’s School presentation evening, where awards are presented to pupils throughout the school in recognition of their achievements and contributions to school life over the previous year.

We were there to present the HR King award on behalf of the Trust, and were made to feel very welcome by everyone. Alan gave a humorous speech detailing the background of the Trust and to the HR King award. This year it was presented to Ben Saber-Sheikh who in the words of the school has performed countless times in the Concert Band, has been a member of the musical theatre club, performed leading roles in whole school productions and competed in musical evenings.

On top of all this, Ben is always offering to help out in any situation where needed both with his peers and staff. He is a calming soothing reassuring presence in their school. Alan presented Ben with a certificate and a cheque for £50 for his own personal use. Also a £200 cheque to put towards an area of his choice within the school curriculum.

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