Peter Dutch

25th October 1944 – 14th October 2018.

Message from his son Sam telling us all that his father Peter had died.

“I hope this email finds you all well. Im messaging you to regretfully inform you of the passing of my father Peter Dutch yesterday in Dorchester hospital. Unfortunatley he suffered a fatal stroke which was completley unexpected. He didnt suffer, was comfortable and was surround by his family.

This is very difficult for me to write, as a rugby player myself I understand the loyalty and brotherly bonds that are created through this wonderful sport of ours. I feel as if i know so many of you already as Pete would tell me some amazing stories of your time together both on and off the pitch, your amazing success with the 7s and of course some of your tours……I was lucky enough to meet some of you down at Imber Court I believe a few years ago. I know that it meant the world to him for me to meet and put faces to these names and stories that he fondly told me about.

I am currently still playing first fifteen rugby myself at the age of 35 for Old Emanuel and we are continuing to have a good run. I’m sad as was dad that my path never crossed with OW, but I’ve always had an interest with how the club are getting on.

Dad always spoke so fondly about his boys and the good times he had at the school and also with the OWs. I am very proud of my dad and everything he has done, especially with everything he did with you.

If you have a moment i would be very grateful to hear some of your memories with dad, the good, the bad and of course the ugly.

Perhaps one day I might have the opportunity to walk out onto a pitch wearing the colours of OW.

Of course at this point we haven’t decided on his funeral and any arrangements, but if you would be able to represent the club then please contact me for information. Could you please pass this email onto anyone i have missed off.

Thank you again.


Peter was a quiet member of Old Wandsworthians, an atheletic flanker or wingforward who was also Captain of the 1st Fithteen. He was a skilled ball player and very fit. The club excelled when Peter and a number of young same age people move quickly into first XV and the 7’s Squad.

Peter excelled in 7’s and was one of the few guys who was present when the club won the London Old Boys Tournment several, times. The club seven also won the the Imber Court Sevens organised by the Police. The players who played the most rugby were Tony Berry, David Snare, Paul Snare, Peter Dutch, John Millman, David Millen, Jack Saunders, Roger Mance, Stewart England, Micky Burris and Roger Haywood.

As with Ian Maclean Halina Watts interviewed Peter as part of Trustees project for the future.

Rugby at School and with the Old Boys

Whilst playing for the school 1st XV I also played for the Old Boys on a number of Saturdays together with Stuart England and Roger Mance. We used to get a lift down to the ground with Phil Timothy, a definite Welshman, who taught French at school and drove an oldish small van. The school boys used to play for the 5th team alongside many good players who were now playing the game for pleasure, rather than win at all costs. That is not to say that they did not want to win, which they often did.

Having played rugby for years, and at a good level, they knew everything that there was to know about the game but lacked the energy sometimes to put it into action. That is where the school and other young lads came in. We did the chasing and tackling whilst they read the game and popped up when needed. I played in the back row alongside Bob Hammond. This lasted for a couple of years during which time I learned an awful lot about rugby. It was like having your own coach on the field with you, teaching you where to run, when to tackle and how to make it effective, how to read what the other side would do and so on. Only later did I realise exactly how indebted I was to Bob for helping me transfer from school to big boy rugby.

I did play a few times for the Surrey County Clubs, which was composed of players from a number of 2nd rung clubs within Surrey. I played at such places as Brighton against the Sussex 2nd XV and went to Holland and Brussels to play against their “National” teams.

I was also part of the most successful Old Wandsworthians sevens team reaching the finals of the Middlesex 7s twice and playing at Twickenham. We also won a number of other lesser competitions and did well against the “senior” clubs.

Peter’s son Sam stands between Peter Hawkes and Chris Munto

Peter was honoured with a service in the St Mary’s Church, Iwerne Minster near Blanford Forum. It was a beautiful day and the service was a fine tribute to Peter as a fine gardener and someone who contributed a lot to village life. the village is one of the nicest in the area and the weather was perfect for a typical Old W’s goodbye to Peter in the grounds of St Mary’s Church.

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