National Rugby Awards 2019

Wandsworthians rugby club stalwart Ian Plummer ‘Plum’ was nominated for the National Rugby Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 held at Twickenham stadium. An amazing 750 rugby clubs from all over the country entered the competition, and It was with great pride that Ian made it to the final 6 nominees.

The night was attended by 12 devoted ‘Plum fans’ or ‘Plummies’ to cheer him on. The pitch side drinks reception, changing room tour, wine and beer on the table, plus free Guinness was a struggle for all, but we battled through in support of our mate Plum.

It was also great to see Freckly & Fly in their glorious regalia guiding the attendees around on the day…so that technically makes 14 Old Wandsworthians in attendance. The Lifetime Achievement award was the final award of the night, but unfortunately for Ian and the club, he did not win. It goes without saying that he’s still a winner with us and we are all eternally grateful for everything he has done, continues to do and will always do for the Wandsworthians rugby club. But don’t be to disheartened, as an ‘Old Wandsworthian’ did make it onto the main stage in the form of Battling Bob Bell, making it to the final 3 of the Heads & Hands game…a fine effort Mr.Bell!

Richard Pennington, President WRFC

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