A Message from Roy Taylor

A Message from Roy Taylor on the Future of the Wandsworthians’ Masonic Lodge, Established 1932

The fantastic attendance at the Trust’s annual get together at the Met Police ground last  March was, as usual, an unqualified success, with more than 100 OW’s in attendance, providing the opportunity for old and young alike to meet up with old friends and former team mates.

It occurred to me during the lunch that perhaps many of those attending may not be aware of the Wandsworthian’s Masonic Lodge, which was established and consecrated more than 80 years ago and continues to this day.

In 1932 the then headmaster of the school, Dr. Weight, with others, organised the very first meeting which took place on 15 July 1932 at the Ardington Rooms, Clapham Junction.
The Lodge was originally a London Lodge and over the years met at several venues. In the late 1980’s the Lodge transferred to the province of Surrey – where it meets four times each year – February, May, October and December. Currently meetings take place at the Surbiton Masonic Centre.

Wandsworthian’s Lodge was originally founded exclusively for Masters, ex Masters and ex pupils of the school. However, as time passed and with the closure of the school, we became an open lodge enabling any with an interest in Freemasonry to now become members. Older past members included such well known OW’s as Stan Fairey, Ernie Gee, Arthur Johnathan, George (Chewy)Elms, Derek Finch, Phil Hinchcliff, to name but a few.
The Lodge today thrives with a small but loyal core membership both young and old, but we are always looking to attract new members. Hence during the OW’s lunch it seemed to me likely that amongst those attending there would be some existing members of the Craft who may wish to “Just visit” Wandsworthian’s Lodge, perhaps even join. There are perhaps others who would be interested to know more about Freemasonry – with a view to perhaps becoming members of the Wandsworthian’s Lodge – you would be most welcome.

Should you wish to have more information please contact:
Charles Twyman (Secretary), Tel: 01923 250050. Mob: 07766 633446
or Dave Millen, Tel: 020 8224 6615 Mob: 07881 686541

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