Max Sandman – 2017

2nd year Mathematics Student at the University of Bath

Firstly I would like to thank you very much for your support over this last year.

Last year I continued my studies from my first year in algebra, analysis, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Programming, Modelling and Dynamical systems and finally ODEs and control Theory.

I used the funding from the OWRFC to help me purchase a new and more powerful laptop. This helped me immensely with my studies, especially in my Programming and modelling modules. It allowed me to write code and create models which I could then simulate, which would not have been possible on my old laptop. One such project was creating a simple model of an aircraft and its control systems that went with it.

My favourite module this year would probably be my algebra module. This covered many complex and sometimes abstract ideas and thoughts pertaining to Number Theory, Vector Spaces and Linear Algebra. It involved learning and understanding complex proofs for these ideas and then applying these ideas to many problems in Algebra and also in some of my other modules.

Another of my interesting modules was in ODEs (Ordinary Differential Equations) and control theory. This module taught us how to mathematically define some simple systems such as Actuators or spring dampers. This has led to a deeper understanding of the motion of objects and how they can be stabilised and controlled. This module could be very useful in my future career if I become a mechanical engineer.

I have also had many interviews and assessment days for my placement year next year. This has been fruitful, as I have been offered a position in the simulation and modelling team at MBDA. This placement should hopefully bolster my skills in programming especially in the languages MATLAB and C. I should gain valuable working experience which will hopefully allow me to start a promising career after I finish at university.

Best Wishes, Max

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