Lauren Rushmer

My name is Lauren Rushmer, I am nineteen years old and I am currently at university. I am at the University of Roehampton, where I am studying for a combined degree in Education and Early Childhood Studies. Once I have completed my degree at Roehampton, I hope to become a Primary school teacher and specialise in the foundation stages of schooling. I have just completed my first year of study and have successfully passed on into my second year. The money that was given to me by the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust has helped me along the way. In my first year I studied five different modules. Each module had at least one text book that was necessary for students to own in order to pass the module. Also as I am living at home whilst I am studying at Roehampton, the cost of commuting to University can become very expensive.

I used some of the money that the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust to buy the books that I needed in my studies, I also used some of the money to pay for my travel cost to and from university. As I mentioned previously, I have successfully passed all the exams and coursework necessary for me to pass on to my second year of study. Lectures have started for this year and I am enjoying all the modules that I have chosen. I am hoping that my second year of study will be just as successful as my first.

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