Joe Herbert, 2018

Attending St Marys University Twickenham

Joe Herbert and friends visit the Science Museum in South Kensington

I would first like to thank the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust for their continued support they have given me during my time at university. The Old Wandsworthians grant has helped me in a variety of ways throughout my second year of study at university. The grant contributed towards the purchase of books highly recommended by university to be used throughout the year. The books were used to help develop my subject knowledge across the primary national curriculum and have a greater understanding of different teaching strategies to use within classrooms; all of the knowledge and ideas gained from the books contributed towards my development as a professional primary school teacher ensuring I meet the needs of the teaching standards.

Joe testing learning equipment

This knowledge was then applied within my teaching during school placements, where teachers saw me more as a teacher figure rather than a student. The books were also used as references and supported my writing for university assignments; this allowed myself to achieve high grades during the year. The grant helped support the costs of travel to and from my teaching placements. Within my teaching placements, the grant was used to pay for different teaching resources which provided the children ‘with inspirational and creative teaching and learning. The resources purchased were used in many of my planned lessons within the classroom on many different occasions. The teaching resources purchased ensured I had a variety of ideas to use in my teaching which helped myself to develop more as a teacher and achieve a pass mark for my teaching placement. The grant was used to pay for a primary PE course that was recommended by university lecturers which helped develop my understanding of incorporating physical education across the primary national curriculum to ensure children have a more enjoyable experience within lessons.

The grant helped ensure all my living expenses, such as rent, bills and food, were being paid for at full on time during the year. Overall, the grant has allowed me to develop as a more professional teacher and student moving onto a third year of study. Once again, many thanks for your help.

Joe Herbert

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