Joe Herbert – 2017

Dear Trustees

I would like to thank all the committee for their generous grant of £400 to help with my university costs over my first year of study. The money has helped contribute towards my living costs of university as well as allowing me to buy appropriate books and resources needed through out the year.

The books that I bought were used to help me further develop my knowledge of different teaching strategies used within classrooms and strategies for learning outside the classroom. It also developed my understanding of the ways in which children learn, allowing me to fulfil my potential and be the best I can. They helped me to understand the many roles teachers have in children’s learning and how each child has a unique learning style. The books were used throughout my assignments to allow me to understand the task ahead and were used as evidence to support any points I made.

The grant helped cover some costs of living in my student accommodation which allowed me to relax after a day of lectures or a day of teaching at school. It also contributed towards travel costs to my school placements. The grant also covered some of the cost of purchasing a new laptop that was used throughout the year at university; for typing up lectures notes, creating presentations, writing my assignments and storing suitable resources for teaching.

I also needed to purchase extra resources for many of my assignments, which helped me ensure they looked presentable for my lecturers and fellow students. During my first year we had a number of work placements at several primary schools. My last placement was at St John Fisher RC Primary School. During this period of my teaching placement, I needed to buy some resources for my lesson and your grant helped to cover those little extra costs. This allowed the children to be fully engaged in their lessons with a full-on hands experience. The resources helped children to understand the tasks they were carrying out and allowed them to develop their knowledge in the subjects being taught. Overall I have enjoyed my first year at St Mary University. It has be a massive learning curve for me getting used to student life, but great fun.

Joe (Far right) and friends enjoying student life.

Thank you once again for the support. Joe

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