Jeannie Forrester, 2019

Attending the University for the Creative Arts (Farnham)

Dear Trustees,

Jeannie Forrester

I would like to thank you for the grant you awarded me this year. This year has been the busiest of the years I’ve attended UCA and the grant was used to support the different units and materials used.

I spent the first unit of this year doing a documentary project, where I spent 3 months in Oxfam Book Shop in Farnham. I learnt about how the shop runs, also I spent time with the researchers working there who taught me about the history of books from bindings to authors. As well as this I watched the people who came in and those who worked there, I watched and documented their move to a new shop and learnt a lot from them. From learning about vintage book cover, I converted a series of modern-day books into those from the early 1900s.

Our second unit of the year we did a group project looking into the professional practise of illustrator in different areas of business. My group were given Publishing and my role within was to research the business side of illustrators looking and contracts and rights. For this I reached out to a member of the Wandsworthians trust who was a big help in my research and assisting me with who else to contact.

During this project I was also applying and designing a book cover to enter into the Penguin Design Awards, I enjoyed this experience a lot as it is something I would like to do when I graduate and gave me a good idea of what is to come. Although, I did not win I am still very happy with my final cover design.

Most of the grant’s money went towards my exhibition at the end of this year, acquiring materials for my piece. I was part of the fundraising team and also the treasurer for this unit, we set our goal at £500 for the exhibition but ended up raising £700 which even after the exhibition we have money left over for our grad show next year. As part of fundraising team, we also ran the exhibition shop during the exhibition period as well which was successful.

My exhibition piece itself I put a lot of work into and was pleased when I saw it up on display during the week it was on and took pride it showing it to people viewing the piece, along with my main piece in the exhibition hall I spread posters around the area linking my piece out to more people.

Again, I would like to thank you for the grant for which I am very grateful. I’m currently preparing for my third year at university, planning and researching my dissertation and our summer project of creating a flipbook for an international competition.

Yours sincerely, Jeannie Forrester

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