Jeannie Forrester, 2018

Attending the University for the Creative Arts (Farnham)

Dear Trustees,

I would like to thank you for grant, it has aided me massively in my first year of university. I currently study Illustration at the University for the Creative Art in Farnham and finished the final unit of the year with an animation which awarded me a First. The grant allowed me to expand my choice of materials to create work I was happy and proud to submit.

Work from previous years in education have been limited to acrylic paint and watercolour, but this year I have been able to create 3D models using broken mirror to coloured card to create a 30 sec cut-out animation. We also had the opportunity to design and print our own screen prints in a workshop and to then have a pop-up shop in Farnham town, where I spent the day selling and promoting mine and others work. This was an important experience as it prepared me for a professional practise.

The grant also helped send me on a trip organised by the university for 30 people to go to Bologna, Italy for the Book Fair which is an important event for illustrators especially third years who can promote their work. It was interesting and helpful to see so many different types of artistic styles. I am personally someone who likes to draw architecture and landscapes and this trip allowed me to gain experience in rough location drawing both in Bologna where we stayed but also the places, we visited such as Venice and Verona.

Year one was about different ways to generate ideas and developing our personal style, I am looking forward to going into year two as we will be focusing again on the professional practise of illustration but also looking at documentary illustration. This flows nicely into my style as I enjoy observational drawing and will hopefully help me develop my drawings of people. I’m also excited for year two as we have the opportunity to do glass work and metal work, which are unique skills I would love to learn and would also open up more future career paths.

Thank you again for making it possible for me to be creative and experience new environments and explore my artistic style. I will continue to explore the wide barriers of my course next year.

Yours sincerely, Jeannie Forrest

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