Jack Clements

Your money last year went mainly on helping me to get through my 6 week compulsory work experience. With this I have worked on such TV shows as The Gadget Show on channel 5. This was based up in Birmingham, I found it very useful, and it taught me a lot. Working with gadgets and gizmos all day long is not the most tedious job! And with the Channel 5 show Fifth Gear, working on the desks, next to me there were also very nice cars and motorbikes to admire day to day.

After the strenuous weeks of working along side gadgets and cars, I then headed down to London and worked with The Discovery Channel. Here I was mainly researching into such things as the use of ammunition within the UK, and where the raw materials of paint come from, which was not the most exciting of things. Although alongside this we also had a crew on their way out to film a ‘Storm Junkie’ across the coast of America. Everyday I was tracking the tornadoes and seeing how dangerous it was going to be for our crew and directors who were on their way over there.

I also worked at a Music video company based in Soho. Here I worked with such artists as Annie Lennox and N-Dubz. Whilst here I was also involved in an Ikea promo advert which was filmed closed to home in Wimbledon.

All of these placements proved vital to my course and I received full A’s from all of my reviews within each company. After doing this work experience, I now cannot wait to start work within the industry and start making films and TV programmes of my own. Travelling up to London and Birmingham instilled a lot of independence and also now I feel I am ready to start the worrying thought of full time work!

I hope you can support me in my 3rd and final year.

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