Isobel Jacques, 2019

Nottingham Trent University

My first year at Nottingham Trent, studying Law with Criminology, was more than I ever expected. It has given me not just an insight into the new and exciting world of University life but has also taught me a lot about myself.

When I first arrived in Nottingham, it seemed a little daunting being dropped off by my parents in a completely new area, but I was soon met by very friendly student reps who all helped me move my belongings into the accommodation of Norton Court.

Meeting my new flatmates, is one of the things that sticks into my mind the most. As I walked into the student kitchen, there stood five complete strangers all from different backgrounds. I’ve heard in the past how people you live with can either make or break your university experience, but from word go, I had a sense that these strangers would become a very big part of making my university experience. Writing now, I can honestly say that the feeling I had was right. These once strangers are now my University family; looking out for each other and helping each other to strive to new strengths both as a person and academically. During my time I also joined the gymnastics society and the gym which both helped me to meet new people and keep fit. I plan to join athletics next year as well, to upkeep this wellbeing and as an opportunity to try out a different society, which I look forward to.

The centre of my university experience was my law with criminology course, choosing what course to take is one of the hardest but most important decisions in my opinion when applying for university. I feel very blessed about studying Law with Criminology it has taken me on a challenging yet invigorating journey. Particularly, at Nottingham Trent University I feel there is an exceptional Law school, with lecturers who dedicate their heart and soul to the course. This motivational environment is again another reason why I feel that as a person I have grown and truly found my passion in life. With five modules in total I have been challenged by both sides of my degree, from a mixture of coursework and exams at the end of the year, which I look forward to receiving my results. I am truly grateful for meeting my course friends, we have all helped to motivate each other to reach higher goals and from this achieve.

Thanks to the support from Wandsworth Trust which my Grandad Charles Jacques was proudly a part of and to my family, I have been able part take in all of these amazing experiences, which have provided me with the best year of my life so far.

Here’s to next year!

Isobel Jacques

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