In The Footsteps of Old Wandsworthians

Visit to St Cecilia’s

The steps to the old school figured in dozens of black and white photographs of the staff and prefects over several decades. They were the perfect backdrop and also simplified the need for a complex seating plan. Invariably the Head sat in the middle of the front row with senior staff to the right and left of him. The same was true for the prefects with the lower order struggling to be seen at the back or round the edges. Once the School had become a Comprehensive the stage was changed and a cast of hundreds were arranged somewhat akwardly outside the great hall.

The steps now lead up to the entrance of a number of luxury appartments. They are walled on both sides and stone slabs cover the old red bricks. Those of us who visited St Cecilia’s on the 3rd of July, 2007 could not resist the final snap.

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