Harrison Jacques – 2017

Studying Law with European Studies at the University of Hull

Thank you all again for your continued support of the generous grant I received to help me in the second year of my studies. Having recently finished my 2nd year I am now going to be participating in a year abroad as an exchange student at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands which I am very excited about!

Not only am I half way to receiving a degree in Law with European Studies but I’ve also picked up some vital life lessons along the way. For example, living in a 10 bed shared house with 9 other men won’t turn out to be the cleanest of houses! Also, put your name on food items otherwise it will quickly disappear and make sure the bins get put out every week. Besides from that I’ve had the best year of my life, living with some amazing friends and have made memories that will stay with me forever.

I was also part of the cycling society during my second year which was a great way to make new friends separate from my housemates and it also prepared me for my Fred Whitton Sportive which I took part in this summer.

Back to my degree, I was taught some very interesting modules this academic year. An interesting area of law that sticks in my mind is Tort law – If you ever suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability, come to me and I can give you advice! Our second year consisted of compulsory modules with one chosen subject. I chose to study Comparative law as I was interested in widening my knowledge on how other legal systems worked and how they compared to Britain’s system. The Comparative law module offered me the opportunity to study abroad and that’s how I ended up in the Netherlands!

The generous grant I received was spent mainly on textbooks for my course as Law is a very book based subject and requires hours and hours of reading! As well as books my grant was used towards my study abroad including getting accommodation, getting to Utrecht and also just helping me with my first week here!

Once again thank you to everyone at the Wandsworthians!! Harrison

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