Harrison Jacques – 2016

The University of Hull

I’d like to start by thanking the trust for the generous grant I received to help me in my first year of University. I put the money towards many things; academic books, law society membership, a formal suit, student accommodation.

There were many academic books I had to buy for my first year. For example, ‘Criminal law’, ‘Skills for law’ and ‘Public law’ books. I would use these books to gain certain knowledge I would need for assignments, exams, seminars and tutorials. Skills for law was an interesting module because it taught me how to read cases and access online databases lawyers use in their profession. In the completion on certain modules, I had to purchase further law books in my second semester which consisted of ‘Contract law’ and ‘Values for law’.

Alongside my academic degree, I joined the law society which is entirely run by students and helps you practise law in certain situations. The grant financially helped me become a member of the Law society and buy a suit to address the competition and legal-work. I competed in the ‘negotiation’ competition. I acted as a solicitor who would negotiate terms for their made-up clients against another law student who also represented a client. I was also involved in ‘pro bono’ work which consists of giving free legal advice to real people. In my team we gave legal advice to Asylum Seekers in the local area. This helped them become knowledgeable of education, work, housing etc.

Away from the academic side, I used the grant to help pay off some of my University accommodation. Going to University five hours away from home it was inevitable I had to live on campus. During my first year I lived in University halls which consisted of living in a block with 14 other people. It was like one big family and we only argued if the kitchen was in a mess!



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