Grace Herbert – 2016

National Diploma in Children’s learning and Development

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in sending you my final report. I would like to thank the trust for providing financial support through my two year course in college ‘National Diploma in Children’s learning and Development’.

During my second year in college I completed the various steps in becoming a fully qualified Childcare Practitioner. Many of these steps included various placements in and around Dorset and Devon (photo shows me at Dragon-flies Preschool back row top right). A few of these placements were local businesses in which I was able to carry out what I had learned and engage in hands on practice. Also during my second year I was able to focus on many more areas in working with children such as;

  • Extended Safeguarding and wellbeing of children
  • First Aid Qualification (level 3)
  • Food Hygiene
  • Behavioural Management
  • Learning and development of ages 0-8.

This all helped in extending my learning with children, through the various placements I was able to encounter different techniques of teaching and I was able to teach myself that children learn and develop as individuals at different stages. During my second year I had the privilege to work in Millwater School which was a school specifically produced for those with special needs, in this I worked with children aged 4-7 and it became to me the most enjoyable placement I had worked with in. During the time I worked here I was able to take part in many educational activities the children took part in to aid their physical, social and emotional development. One of my favourite extracurricular activities became swimming with the children as it gave them the physical and social skills they needed to progress in their development which really came to warmmy heart seeing their happy faces.

Overall after completing my course I gained my BTEC Level 3 National Diploma with the triple grade of Merit. Which I was very pleased with and shortly after started my CV and sent it to all local childcare settings to start my career.

After I had completed my course I then had the opportunity to work in two local Pre-Schools whereby I worked part time and voluntary for just under a year. This gave me my first insight to becoming a fully qualified practitioner. My next step was to find full-time employment in which I had been given the opportunity to work within a nursery in Honiton called ‘Little Ones’ here I stayed for a further year taking on the role and responsibility of key worker for different children. Here I was able to fully practice all the skills and techniques I had learned throughout college and put them into my work. Due to the travel I sadly left ‘Little Ones’ but have stayed with working in a nursery and have now had the title of ‘nursery assistant’ in an establishment called The Folly Nursery in Dalwood. I have settled really well into this nursery and am enjoying my work more than
ever as they offer a great outside area for the children to fully aid their development in its full potential.

In this nursery I have now looked into improving my own personal development with children and would like the opportunity to further my career through starting a university course “Foundation Degree “Early Years and Education” this is a three year part time course whereby I am able to further my level to a level 5 and can then progress into starting a career in early years teaching. This will help me in my long term goal of becoming a fully qualified early year’s teacher. At current I have handed in my application form and am waiting for a response on whether I can take part in the course, once I have heard back I would then like to ask the trustees for further financial help in progressing my career.

Once again many thanks for the support you have given me.



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