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Please help name the teachers on this lineup dated 1928

Please help name the teachers on this lineup dated 1928

Joe Ascher is present on the extreme right and Dr H.Waite then Headmaster is centre in the front row. Leonard Couch then senior German teacher is behind Ascher. Any news and names of the other ten would be most welcome.

The above image was sent to Tony Watts by Christine Dick – who wrote:-

My Grandfather, Leonard Couch BA, BSc, PhD, was senior German teacher at Wandsworth County High School for boys up to 1929 before taking up the post of Headmaster at Leyton County High School for boys 1930-49. He is back right.

Wandsworth School Staff 1956

Wandsworth School Staff 1956

1956 was a critical time in the history of Wandsworth School. The Headmaster and staff had been toiling hard to produce a blueprint for the new Comprehensive School and the new buildings were nearing completion ready to take the first intake of hundreds of new pupils. Staff numbers were set to increase dramatically and the photo below is probably the last to be taken, not on the famous steps, but in front of the main door to the old school.

Those present were:

Back Row: Simpson (Schoolkeeper), Thomas (Office), Gibson, Payne, Evans, George, Thom, Kankan, Tremayne, Waters, Hill, Austin, Ackland, Coate-Bond, Mercer, Haggard, Jennet (Assistant School Keeper).

Middle Row: Hodgkinson, Solomon, Clode, Ascher, Fenn, H.R. King, Bachuus, Elves, Aubrey, Keyte, Lewennik.

Front Row: Lince, Thew (Office), Burgess, Mrs Sawyer (Lab Asst), Miss Chambers (Office), Mrs Soy (Cook), McKinley.

Staff not in image were: Levy, Louis Fenn, Gouldstone and Burnett.

Total including Headmaster 30.

Wandsworth School Staff 1956

Staff 1956

Wandsworth School Staff July 1963

Staff July 1963

Wandsworth School Staff 1970

School Staff 1970