Fredericke Bone – 2016

Portsmouth University

Firstly I would like to thank the Old Wandsworthians Trust for their continual financial support. The trust has helped financially support me for the past 3 years through university which has eased the financial burden of being able to afford the necessities.

I have just successfully finished my first full time job at Bosch, where I was an Intern in the Training and Development department at the UK Headquarters in Uxbridge. My main roles within the team consisted of: sending and chasing evaluation forms, running reports on training courses, checking the department’s mailboxes and responding accordingly. I also liaised with suppliers and trainers providing hospitality services onsite, send out material packs, create and distributed advertisement posters. As the administrator for the department I handled the organising of travel and events and was also the IT partner where I attended monthly meetings. I supported the team with any ongoing projects and updated any documents or forms accordingly.

One of the biggest benefits of undertaking a placement year is that it opened up a new horizon of future perspectives. One of my main reasons for participating in a placement year was to simply figure out if I enjoyed working in the business environment. The experience I have gained from participating in one has been invaluable. Interestingly I have learnt and gained some vital skills that no other past job has taught me. For example, working an 8 hour day, 5 days a week has given me the discipline to accomplish a task even when I don’t feel like it. Finding motivation in times of struggle will benefit me massively in terms of using my time efficiently in my final year at university.

Overall I have had an enjoyable experience at Bosch this past year. I feel I have been valued by the team, which undoubtedly has contributed to my achievements. I am grateful to not only to have had the opportunity this year to gain some experience and self-develop, but to have also worked with an amazing team.

As sad as I was to leave my team at Bosch I am now heading back to Portsmouth university to finish my final year. I am really looking forward to moving back with my friends and finishing my Business and Management degree. I am hoping the new acquired work ethic skills have rubbed off enough to encourage me to use the library facilities during the daytime rather than the early hours of the morning.

As for my plans for once I graduate… Watch this space for my final report next year. Once again thank you Wandsworthians for the generous grant and all your support.



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