Frankie Sandman – 2017

Graduated in Medicine 2017

This will be my last report for your newsletter as I have now finished university and started work in a large hospital in the south of England.

I spent my final year at university in hospitals, GP practices and abroad for 6 weeks and I just want to express my gratitude for all of your support over the years, it has really helped my time at university.

During my final year I really tried to push myself to prepare for starting work. When seeing patients I tried to think through the whole process on my own, order my thoughts and try to come to a diagnosis and management plan before presenting to the doctor. My time in a Bornean hospital showed me how different it can be in a developing country. The medical system is the same in most ways but their access to technology/equipment and medicines is limited compared to us. It made me appreciate our health system and how lucky we are to have free healthcare and access to treatment.

The country itself was beautiful and staying in Kota Kinabalu was amazing. The contrast between the poor part of the city and the wealthy part was outstanding. Between the tall multi-storey buildings and modern shopping centres there were shanty towns made of wood and corrugated metal. To see such a difference really changed my perspective on how people live elsewhere in the world.

I graduated in July this year and started work at the beginning of August. It has been an extremely steep learning curve, but I am enjoying it immensely and feel like I have just about found my feet. I am currently working in a very busy medical assessment unit which brings into the hospital all manner of medical conditions. Despite being stressed at times and feeling out of my depth occasionally, it has been amazing to see the resilience some people have and to help them through the first part of their journey in hospital. The staff I have worked with so far have all been very supportive and have been so helpful when I have felt out of my depth, I now feel a completely different person to when I started, much more confident and prepared when I see a new patient.

I am still not sure what part of medicine I might like to go into but I am excited for all the opportunities I have in the future. I look forward to trying different specialities and hopefully for a long and interesting career in medicine.

Thank you again for all of your help throughout my time at university and I wish you all well for the future.

Best wishes, Frankie

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