David Pollard Memorial Lunch Photos

David Pollard Memorial Lunch


On Saturday 16th March over 100 Wandsworthians gathered to enjoy The Dave Pollard Memorial Lunch and to watch the Wales vs England decider in the Six Nations. This was a record number to attend the event and given there were a number of people away the target for the next function is 120 Dubs.

Along with the usual festivities the Trustees announced the launch of a new fund raising scheme in Dave’s honour whereby all members are invited to donate £5 per month by Standing Order to the Trust fund in order for the Trustees to be able to award even more money to good educational, charitable or sporting causes involving Wandsworthians and their families. The amount is small for any one of us but the difference it could make to the level and number of grants is massive, for less that the cost of 2 pints we urge every member to sign up.

Once a year, probably at the DPML, there will be a prize draw when 10% of the proceeds gathered in the previous 12 months will go to the first name out of the hat of all the Wandsworthians who have contributed for that period. The SO mandate is online or you can apply for one from Les Herbert to be sent to you. Don’t hesitate………………..

There was also a presentation made to Angel Villa who recently retired from the Board of Trustees after 17 years service when his financial acumen in particular was much valued along with his generosity of hosting many of the meetings where he extracted great value out of one teabag……………don’t throw it away yet Angel!

A toast was made to Absent Friends, Chris Brown (aka Pogo) was welcomed as the new Trustee and proceedings ended at 22:30 after much fun, story telling and laughter.

I hope you all had a happy Easter chaps. I will be choosing a Surbiton pub date soon…………..

Cheers Alan Bone

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