The Dave Pollard Memorial Lunch 2019

Imber Court

Last February seems a long way off now, but on the 2nd Feb, we held another successful DPML. There was a record number attending, 128 had said they were coming but due to the very bad weather that weekend, we lost several OWs in the snow!! Still this did not stop us all having a great day. Alan Bone and myself (Les) arrived at Imber Court early and set up the room ready to greet everyone, but before we did, we had to sample the Youngs Ale first to make sure it was ready for The Dubs! Two lovely pints were pulled from the first barrel of 5 and it was agreed, we were ready.

Our first OW arrived at 12:30, Mr Peter Eastwood, who claimed he arrived early so he could avoid the rush at the bar, so we sat him down and got him comfortable, with his beer in one hand and his paper in the other he looked very comfortable! Needless to say, at 13:00 the majority of Dubs started to arrive and very soon there was a healthy room full of conversation and by 14:30 every one had arrived. The beer was still flowing, old stories were being exchanged, old photos being laughed at, hearing people say, blimey look how I have changed!! At 15:25 our master of ceremonies Alan Bone called everyone into the main area for the group photo. After several minutes we managed to pose suitably for a few group photos… What a handsome bunch!

This was followed by Alan bringing all to order and fining a few people who were incorrectly dressed! Alan then went on to welcome everyone and make a few announcements. Our secretary, Les Herbert, then welcomed our first-time attendees, which included many from the current Wandsworthians Rugby club. For the benefit of many newcomers he explained the history behind the DPML.

After announcing that we had sadly lost another OW, Brian Wigley, who had passed away on 24th December 2018, we then all stood raised our glasses and toasted our absent friends. This was followed by an excellent meal served by Imber Court staff with wine flowing.

As coffee, cheese and biscuits were being served down came the big screen. We watched underdogs England play the favourites Ireland in the Six Nations and it was a little like being back in the 1920/30s watching a silent movie. Despite heroic efforts by Imber Court and several Dubs all through the first half to sort out the sound there was none to be heard. England played terrifically and went in at half time with a good lead. Thanks to a young Wandsworthian, we managed to watch the second half with some sound, although whether it was from the same game is a moot point, but it was undeniably the best game we as a group had witnessed with England winning 32 – 20 in Dublin!

After the game we continued to catch up with each other and before we knew it was 21:30 and the time to depart was soon upon us and so Alan asked the remaining 30 or so Dubs plus to drink up as there was a danger of being locked in. All the Trustees would like to thank all who attended and helped make this yet another great occasion. Please remember to reach out to any Old Wandsworthians you are in touch with that we have yet to add to our list, contact details are all we want. See you all at our next DPML which is taking place on Saturday 8th February.

Thank you all for coming, The Trustees.

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