Dave Pollard Memorial Lunch 2018

Dave Pollard Memorial Lunch 24th February 2018

On Saturday 24th February 2018, we had 130 Old Wandsworthians attended the annual Dave Pollard Memorial Lunch, held at Imber Court Sports and Social Club. It was a great day, where we all met old school mates and friends, enjoying fine Young’s beer and excellent food. We the Trustees would like to thank everyone for coming along and making this a great event. We also owe a big thank you to all the Imber Court staff who fed and watered us all. This year we had to move everyone into the dining area early, to allow us plenty of time to have the group photo taken. This was no mean task, as everyone wanted to be seen. Thanks go to our onsite photographers Colin Brett and Simon Berry, they managed to get everyone in the photo.

Following the group photo, we all sat down to hear the opening speech from our master of ceremonies Alan Bone. Alan in his unique style, started off by searching out the few chaps who were not dressed correctly and sent out the heavy brigade (Steve Lake and Tony Arnold) to collect the fines.

Following this he moved on to mention a few special guests, one being the elder of the day, who was John Totham at the young age of 84 and also Ian Plummer who had made great recovery from heart surgery. Photo below, showing Old John Totham with a few of his younger friends!!

Alan also mentioned how well the Trust fund had been performing over the years and every one was amazed that since the Trust was set up over 20 years ago we had paid out some £250,000, which provided support to many young people in further education, special educational trips, major trust events, the choir, the rugby club and support to St Cecilia’s School. Following this announcement, we carried the annual draw for the monthly OWMT donation fund, which this year went to Mr T Johnson who won £250. Alan thanked everyone who currently donates to this great cause, which helps toward the trust funds. If you wish to join please download the standing order form: costs only £5 per month.

Les Herbert then welcomed a few newcomers who were attending their first DPML and asked everyone to keep spreading the word, there are many more Old Wandsworthian out there. See photo below of Martin Walpole with his school mates, (all of them that is) who attended this year.

Our secretary then went on to announce the sad passing of Albert Mallows who passed away in early February and then proposed the toast, asking all to stand and honour our absent friends.

This was followed by a lovely two course meal and then we watched the rugby match between Scotland and England. Most people stayed until late evening, with the last few finally leaving Imber Court at 10pm. This was another great gathering of people meeting old friends and having a great day. We look forward to seeing everyone again and hope some more new faces find us as well.

Atendees were: Lee Adams, Noel Alex, David Ambrose, Bob Andrews, Andy Archer, Dave Arnold, Tony Arnold, Geoff Ashby, Steve Baker, Carl Baker, Jon Baugh, Bob Bell, Richard Bennett, Jon Benton, Alan Bone, Chris Brown, Peter Brown, Xander Brice, Mark Buckmaster, Heath Burton, Tony Butler, Sean Cartland, Kevin Carson, Kevin Chard, Gordan Cole, Ian Collison, Peter Cook, Mike Curits, Kia Currie, George Dalimore, Paul Davidson, Martin Dickson, Hydon Drage, Jimmy Excelby, Kofi Esson, Peter Eastwood, Stewart England, Kofi Esson, Gary Evans, Tony Fenton, Dave Fiske, Peter Franks, Colin Gonga, Mike Gover, Chris Gregory, Peter Hawkes, Peter Heard, Joe Herbert, Les Herbert, Scott Hinson, Roger Holland, Kevin Holland, Steve Lake, Robert Langham, Steve LeDuc, Clive Liddard, Steve Long, Tony Long, Mark Lucy, Sean Lyons, Terry Mackie, Paul Martin, Will Mason, Dave Millen, Dick Moody, Cian Murrpy, Carl Mason, Frazer Mitchell, Andy Neil, Gary O’Brien, Femi Oresanya, Christian Owen, Graham Palmer, Richard Pennington, Kevin Peskitt, Brian Phipps, Peter Pierce, Colin Pitchley, Dave Pitchley, Ian Plummer, Ronnie Powell, Mark Pratt, Ray Pritchard, Ken Osment, John Quilter, Peter Rossi, Martin Rushmer, Ross Sandman, Norman Sheppard, Mark Simmons, Tim Smedley, Andy Smithson, Dave Snare, Paul Snare, Graham Sparkes, Mick Sparkes, Blake Springer, Cyril Springer, Andy Steele, Ian Stephenson, Bryn Stocker, Colin Styles, Barry Sullivan, James Sullivan, John Sullivan, Roy Taylor, Eddie Toner, Joe Toner, Tony Toner, John Totham, Ian Trigg, Richard Turner, Rodney VanNiekerk, David Wager, Martin Walpole, Ray Warner, Tony Watts, Tony Weller, Alex Whitman, kevin Will, David Williams, Kevin Williams, Alan Wilson, Turhan Wishart, Les Woodcock, Mick Woods, Derek Wooldridge, Rob Wright, Steve Young.

The following are some of the photos taken on the day, which were provided by our onsite photographers Colin Brett and Simon Berry. They both very kindly donated 50% of the funds raised to the Memorial Trust.

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