Christopher Bone – 2017

My first year at Nottingham Trent University was a huge success. I came out with a High 2:1 overall for all [of] topics which includes all exams and coursework assignments completed. Within the first year I also started working for my disabled flatmate from week 3 which  helped a little with the finances as well as proving most rewarding. Whilst working for him throughout the week I also had other commitments, I went to all my university lectures in the labs, attended all seminars and found time to join the Squash club, the gym, Yoga and the LGBT society. This meant that throughout the week I had many things to do and was always keeping busy.

From the get go my flat mates and I clicked and gelled so well as a group we formed a friendship group including a couple of flats from the same block as us. We had flat meals and TV shows that we would watch on a weekly basis. With everyone getting on well we decided to get a house for our second year and we have found a traditional town house based in Clifton.

The course that I am studying, Computer Systems (Forensics and Security), was challenging in the first year and started with seven exams in the first term including three pieces of coursework. This made juggling my social life and academic life difficult but it was manageable. I was attaining High Firsts and High 2:1’s which boosted my confidence. I was exceptionally pleased with my Math exam where I had only dropped half a mark in my first exam and scored a 49.5/50. This meant I didn’t have to do the complete Math module for the whole year and so could focus on my weaker module which was Programming. I did struggle with this module and throughout the year I could feel myself spending the majority of my studying life on it. However, it did pay off and I achieved a 2:2 overall which I was happy with as it was such a confusing module for me.

Going into second year I have some of the same modules but going into more depth. I am being taught more of the security side this year, which is my strength and interest, including more group more. I did one assignment of group work in the first year which I found difficult as I was named Team Leader. The leadership wasn’t the issue as I have worked as Head Lifeguard and as a Swimming Teacher at Imber Court since I was 16. However, I found that some people didn’t pull their weight when it came to the individual tasks for the whole project. Despite this we came out with a 2:2 for the project which wasn’t my ideal grade as I wanted a least 2:1 but for the group I was put together with a 2:2 was a good grade.

I am really looking forward for my second year at Nottingham Trent and will be studying hard to get a good grade for this year as well. I also decide if I want to do a placement year and where it would be and for what company. I have the option of going anywhere in the UK.

Thank you for the grant that I received for the first year as it helped me out tremendously and so I could buy all the books and electrical equipment I needed in order to study and extended my studying in the subject. I also used it to help me pay for my accommodation and food shopping.

Once again please pass my thanks in anticipation of your continued support to all the Trustees.

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