Chris Langham

Having been medically discharged from the police in 1996, Wendy & I moved from Surrey to Sussex and then on to Somerset where for the past six years we have divided our time between here & France. From April to September we stay in our renovated barn, just south of Poitiers. The barn has been a never ending DIY project which is almost complete; meaning we have more time for swimming, cycling & walking and sharing the company with old friends & family who visit. The McClures & Wrens have enjoyed a few evenings sampling the food & wine and exaggerating our exploits of more energetic times.

It was so good to see all the old team mates at the ‘Lags’ do and put names to faces again as now being my 60th year it helped refresh the memory. If you are travelling south through France don’t hesitate to stop over and grab a bed & a glass or two. You will be most welcome.

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