Kilimanjaro Climb

After training walks on the North and South downs, many of which gravitated to the Harvey’s brewery in Lewes (well you have to have a target) Mick White and myself Steve Murray found ourselves at the Ethiopian airlines check in … Continue reading

Coping with Cancer

By Phil Hope MP (Ex Pupil) The MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire writes about his personal battle against illness. This article was copied and slightly modified from the pages of BBC Northamptonshire. “The results show that you have Hodgkins … Continue reading

A Final Act of Kindness

Teacher Leaves £200,000 to Help Sufferers of Stroke By Dan Menhinnitt Nursing his wife for six years after she had a stroke made William Avery realise he wanted to do something to help other sufferers. Now 16 months after his … Continue reading