Benjamin James – 2016

Nottingham University

I am writing to thank you for the grant that you provided me with to help me with my studies at Nottingham University.

The grant has been a real help enabling me to purchase core course textbooks as well as helping towards the purchase of a portable ramp to aid with
my access needs in and around campus.

Purchasing the core textbooks that I required for my course meant that I did not have to go back and forth towards the library, which can be tiring for me.
The ramp has allowed me to fully access buildings that might have that one inconvenient step, meaning I could access buildings that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Although I had a lot to get used to especially over the first term as I was new to using a powered wheelchair I soon got used to my wheelchair and university life.

University has been great, with so many doors being opened with the help of my powered chair. My powered chair has enabled me to fully engage with my Neuroscience degree. I have really enjoyed the first year of studying neuroscience BSc and am looking forward to my next two years.

Benjamin and his
powered chair

I have been able to establish myself at Nottingham and have settled in really well, with so many doors being opened and opportunities for the future.

Despite having to get used to my new powered chair amongst other thing I have been able to thrive at university finishing first year with a 1st. The course has been really interesting and I am now looking forward to my future at university.

Once again, thank you for the grant; it has really helped me out and without it I may not have been able to thrive at university.





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