Awards Evening at St Cecilia’s School, 2018

OWMT Trust Represented by Alan Bone and Roger Holland

Alan and Roger Holland reported that all went well on the evening with both being made most welcome with the Trust receiving several warm mentions by the Acting Head and by the MC for the evening (Andrew H). Roger and Alan flew the Trust flag with numerous staff, students and relatives from the reception bar onwards including the audience seemingly enjoying my presentation. This year the School Presentation night (Speech Day to us) was held on Thursday 1st November and Roger and Alan attended to represent the Trust and award the HR King Award to Sienna Marsh, Ellamae Campbell and Verity Winter. We also took the opportunity to speak and inform the audience of some 500 parents and students about the Trust and what we do as well as explain the idea behind the HRK Award. Some information about Mr. King was added. This year was a little different without Niall, there was a real buzz around the formalities and the students who performed were terrific.

In sport Netball is definitely on the up in this country after England beat the dreaded Aussies in the Commonwealth games on the Gold Coast this year and three girls were awarded – the winners received £50 each for themselves and one further cheque to be spent on a suitable project at the school which is likely this year to be in support of the Netball Club. The evening focused on the students who’d won prizes for their academic studies as well as in art and cultural pursuits. There were also performances from the choir, the orchestra and drama section. Before the formal proceedings there was a social gathering with a bar run by the PTA where we again spoke to people about the Trust. It was an inspiring evening and we have arranged for them to have a photo with he Trustees on Friday the 9th.

Ensemble of Parents, Teaching Staff and Trustees at St Cecilia’s Presentation Evening
Alan addresses and entertains an audience of staff, students and parents from St Cecilia’ s at the Presentation Evening in November 2018.
Netball champions and Presentation Evening prize winners Sienna Marsh, Ellamae Campbell and Verity Winter with the Trustees of The Old Wandsworthias Memorial Trust on the 9th of November 2018.

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