Alice Rushmer – 2016

University of Gloucestershire.

I would like to thank the Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust and everyone involved for the financial support provided for me during Placement year as part of my 4 year sandwich degree. I spent the past 12 months working at an Event catering company as an operations assistant, based in London and I am now back at university ready to start my final year.

After the struggle of securing a placement, I was quickly faced with the struggle of supporting myself financially; as my placement was close to unpaid. Without the financial support I have received, I would not have been able to make my way to work every day, pay for utility bills or be able to enjoy my placement as much as I have.

During my year in the industry I was able to work alongside a great team and be involved with some amazing events, which I will never get the chance to again. The Rugby World Cup opening party would be one of them, with Prince Harry as a guest. A Birthday Party for Jude Law’s girlfriend (at his house!), which later featured in the Metro and Daily Mail for the police receiving complaints of too much noise….oooops?

However some events I am glad I will never get the chance to experience again, like the one when the handbrake snapped and the van rolled into the River Thames. Or the one where the cellar delivery was stuck in severe traffic and we had to unload the van through the back door as guests are arriving at the front. Despite this I couldn’t have asked for a better placement and can not thank you enough for the support you have provided me with!

Once again thank you to everyone at Wandsworthians!



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